What It Means To Experience A True Antigua And Barbuda Culture

Dario Item, What It Means To Experience A True Antigua And Barbuda Culture

Jessie Chancellor

Antigua and Barbuda have become quirky tourist attraction destinations, from the most ravishing beaches to historic forts and perched hilltops. While these sites offer the island’s beauty, Antigua and Barbuda culture continues to give a more authentic and equally engaging experience to anyone coming into the country.

We caught up with Dr. Dario Item, Permanent Representative of Antigua and Barbuda to the UNWTO, to shed light on some of the country’s unique cultures that the island has tapped in to bring more visitors to the country.

Dario Item, What It Means To Experience A True Antigua And Barbuda Culture

Dario Item

Q: Tell us the history and facts about Antigua and Barbuda

“The history of this island can be traced back to 1493 when a Columbus legend spotted the island and named it after a nearby chapel known as ‘Santa de la Antigua.’ Other alternative explanations to when and how the island was discovered include the 1756 idea by HMS Bladford, a sailor at the Antigua Navy base,” said Ambassador Dario Item.

Q: What are the key historical and cultural experiences for anyone coming to this island?

“We have so much for our visitors to explore during their visit here, from outdoor adventures to cultural experiences. For anyone coming, you need to get an experience of the Nelson Dockyard first. It’s one of the oldest houses we have from 1700 and is rich in the island’s heritage. It also houses a restaurant and several shops, and all these are located within a national park,” says Ambassador Dario Item.

He adds, “Any visitors cannot afford to leave the island without tasting the Caribbean rum culture. That is one drink that dates back to the 1700s and has withstood the test of times to emerge as the staple liquor of the Caribbean islands. Antigua and Barbuda is the best place to taste the authenticity of rum and other popular drinks in Caribbean islands.”

Q: What is the cultural fun of Antigua and Barbuda?

“This is Small Island. But with a rich cultural background that fuses both British and African traditions. Suppose you are looking for a mixed culture experience, where you can find populations from across all parts of the world such as African descent, Portuguese, Syrians, or British origins. In that case, these are where you can have it within an area of approximately 161 sq. km,” noted Ambassador Dario Item.

Q: Which is one thing that is peculiar in Antigua and Barbuda?

“There are many things one can enjoy while on the island. But the most notable is the beaches. We have the best and perfectly positioned beaches between two oceans- the cooler and turf waters of the Atlantic on one side and the Caribbean side calmer and warm waters-for your barefoot elegance. Then, grab a yummy black pineapple- the sweetest you can have around the world- and enjoy your time on the still-pink sand beaches!” said Ambassador Dario Item.

Are you looking for a place to spend your holiday and experience different cultures with a one or two-night cruise? Antigua and Barbuda Island offer you the ultimate experience and pleasure. I bet you will enjoy indulging in the rich culture, music, and food! And if you want a range of price points, there is an apparel selection of activities and restaurants to choose from to enjoy a peaceful stay on the island.