Bear Rice Cooker 3 Cups (Uncooked), Fast Electric Pressure Cooker, Portable Multi Cooker with 10 Menu Settings for White/Brown Rice Oatmeal and More, Nonstick Inner Pot

  • COOK Fast The pressure cooker has been made to make cooking simple and easy.The pressure cooker can accelerate up to 30% cooking all-around, which is ideal for busy families or individuals and spends less time in the kitchen.
  • PRECISION COOKING: With 10 different menus to cook, including brown and white rice, porridge/oatmeal/rice stew/meat, soup/broth, stew/meat beans/grains and many more, you can hear a helpful beep as cooking is complete. Set a timer and keep warm function allow for flexible meals plan
  • Easy to use and clean Easy to use and easy to clean. 15 cooking programs are easy to follow with step-by-step directions displayed on the big LCD screen and can be customized to suit your favourite recipes. Clean up is easy using the dishwasher-safe cooking dish and lid
  • SECURITY DURABLE: With this cooker has a non-toxic stainless steel nonstick inner pot that is healthier for you. It has the quietest steam release that allows you to safely open the lid. There is also a remote release button that keeps your hands secure
  • Ideal for families cook for up to 3 people It’s a great present for families that are growing, singles and mothers who make babies’ food. We will provide you with full refunds after 30 days. a three-year after-sales warranty, 24-hour customer service, and lifetime technical assistance. We recommend you buy this product confidently!
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