COSORI Rice Cooker Large Maker 10 Cup Uncooked 18 Functions, Japanese Style Fuzzy Logic Micom Technology, Texture Optional, 50 Recipes, Stainless Steel Steamer, Warmer, Timer, Olla Arrocera Electrica

  • 18-in-1 Functionality: Choose between various rice varieties and texture choices Three kinds of oatmeal, 3 kinds of other grains, as well as functions like slow Cook Steam Saute Maintain Warm, delay Timers, or Quick Rice.
  • Perfect Rice Everytime With the help of fuzzy technology The COSORI rice cooker is able to regulate the temperature with precision throughout the 7 steps of rice cooking for sushi rice, white rice rice and brown rice.
  • Simple to clean: Each of equipment is easy to clean and dishwasher safe.
  • Simple to use Easy to Use: The bright LED-guided touchscreen displays guide you through the process of cooking. The clear measurement marks allow you to easily find the ideal amount of water and the alert tone informs you when your rice is cooked.
  • Healthy and Safer The surfaces that come into contact with food is made with no BPA, PFOA, or PFOS.
  • 50 Recipes The rice cooker includes a no-cost recipe book that includes 30 recipes created by chefs and many more recipes via the VeSync app for free.
  • Five-Quart Pot: Prepare the rice to feed your entire family using the huge 5 qt/10 cup capacity.

Advanced Fuzzy Logic Micom Technology

The rice cooker uses the fuzzy logic technology of micom incorporated into a chip in a computer which automatically adjusts temperature to match the environment’s factors such as temperature and humidity to ensure consistent outcomes.

Dual Heating Elements

Heating elements at the top and bottom fitted with temperature sensors help reduce condensation that drips back onto your rice, resulting in less sogginess and optimal texture.

White Rice

Choose between long grain rice, such as Jasmine rice medium grain or short grain rice, such as sweet rice or sushi and porridge, similar to congee. You can also change the texture of white rice by selecting between regular, soft and hard.

Brown Rice

Select from long grain rice, such as wild rice short or medium grain rice, as well as porridges such as congee. You can also alter the texture of brown rice by selecting between regular, soft and hard.


Pick from rolled, steel-cut and quick-cooking oatmeal to make fast and nutritious breakfast.


Choose from quinoa, barley and farro to get nutrient-rich grains that you can add to your food items.

Quick Rice

Cook rice quickly and efficiently to prepare delicious meals at home without compromising taste or quality.

Steam Mode

Steam healthy and nutritious dishes such as fish, vegetables eggs, chicken and seafood using the stainless steel steam basket.

Slow Cook Mode

Cook your own meals like stews and soups with little effort.

Saute Mode

Make a meal of meats, vegetables and other foods with the an easy-to-use inner pot that remains on the stove while you sauté.