Toshiba Rice Cooker 6 Cup Uncooked – Rice Maker Cooker with Fuzzy Logic Technology, 7 Cooking Functions, Digital Display, 2 Delay Timers and Auto Keep Warm, Non-Stick Inner Pot, White

  • Multi-Function – This huge rice cooker comes with seven cooking functions, including: Mixed Rice and Quick Rice and Brown Rice and White Rice and Multi-grain Rice as well as Porridge along with Steel-Cut oats. With different settings for soup, porridge, stew as well as steaming. This rice cooker can cook various grains meats, vegetables, and other ingredients. If you’re just starting out or a professional chef this Toshiba rice cooker’s 12 cup cooker offers an incredible range of options and ease of use.
  • Very Versatile – This large rice cooker with steamer basket isn’t a ordinary rice cooker. It cooks a variety of rice like brown, white mixed, multi-grain and even steel-cut Oats. It comes with a porridge setting to cook rice porridge, and the quick rice setting to allow to cook faster. The steaming basket can be used to cook meat, vegetables and fish and is a multi-purpose kitchen appliance ideal for large gatherings and families.
  • Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker Fuzzy logic technology enables the Japanese rice cooker detect the amount of moisture in the rice, and adjust the temperature and cooking time according to. This results in perfectly cooked and soft rice every time without manual adjustments or the need for guesswork. It also assists to cook different kinds of grains and meals to perfection by changing cooking parameters to meet the requirements of the food.
  • Simple To Use – Elegant and elegant, this electronic rice cooker 6 cup has been built with an intuitive user interface. The LCD display with digital and menu options let users to select their desired cooking method and adjust settings as required. The keep-warm feature ensures that the temperature remains constant for your rice up to fifteen hours. The accessories include measuring cups, spatulas soup ladle and steamer basket.
  • Secure Hassle-Free Cooking Detachable power cord helps avoid injuries caused by the entanglement. The lid locks securely while cooking to avoid spills. The thermal fuse stops overheating. Vent cap for steam prevents hot steam from escape when cooking. The automatic shut-off switch turns off the heating element after the cooking process is complete. When compared to other premium rice cookers This Toshiba model is an excellent alternative for those on a tight budget and still require a top quality sushi rice cooker.
  • Easy to clean White rice cooker is designed to take simple care and will produce delicious rice for many years to be. Inside the cooking pot is an non-stick surface, making the cleaning process easy. The pot is not dishwasher safe and must be cleaned with mild soap and a soft cloth. The exterior can be cleaned using the help of a damp, soft cloth. The steam valve at one of the sides is easily removed to clean. The steam vent cap is easily removed for cleaning.
  • Large steam vent that can be removed When cooking, the steam erupts through the vent with no bubbling over and with no messy spillage.

Toshiba Japanese-Style Rice Cooker The industry’s leading 3D cooking technology and an intelligent 6 step cooking process. 7 pre-programmed settings that cook brown rice, white rice and mixed long or short-grained rice porridge and oatmeal in terms of the texture and flavor. 12 cups of cooked rice for servings for the family.

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