Cuisinart 8-Cup Rice Cooker, Silver, 8-cup

  • Cuisinart rice cooker steams rice, meats, and vegetables. Makes 8-15 cups of cooked rice
  • Square current shape completed in brushed tempered steel; Consequently changes to warm while cooking is finished; retractable string stockpiling
  • Incorporates: Tempered steel steaming bushel, Non-stick, covered anodized aluminum cooking bowl, glass top, oar and estimating cup
  • Item Worked to North American Electrical Guidelines
  • NOTE: Kindly guarantee to gauge rice in the cup that shows up with the item As it were

Presently making the ideal rice dish is simple with the brushed spotless Cuisinart Rice Cooker. Its steam vent assists with forestalling splattering, while its chromed handles stay cool to the touch. Utilize the inherent plate to steam different food varieties while the rice is cooking; when you’re finished, the non-stick covering and solid development make cleanup a breeze.

Solid cooking and smooth present day plan merge in this rice cooker from Cuisinart. Completed in an attractive brushed treated steel, the square cooker highlights adjusted corners, chrome covered handles, and a glass top with a spotless edge, chrome handle, and steam vent opening. Inside you’ll find an excellent, hardened steel steaming container and a nonstick cooking bowl that produces 8 to 15 cups of rice. The cooker likewise steams vegetables and dainty cuts of meat, making a total, sans fat dinner with little exertion. Other than different sorts of rice, the cooker cooks couscous, polenta, oats, bubbled eggs, shrimp, and substantially more. An included booklet presents connoisseur recipes for such mouth-watering dinners as Smooth Parmesan Risotto with Asparagus, and Teriyaki Steamed Chicken with Cranberry Wild Rice.

Cuisinart gives this upscale rice cooker additional panache with a line that hauls out and afterward withdraws for capacity. One switch is all that is expected to flip the machine on. Two different shaded Drove lights enlighten, one during the cooking stage, and the other when the machine consequently changes to warm while cooking is finished. Included with the machine are a finished plastic oar for blending and serving, and a plastic estimating cup adjusted explicitly for rice. Every one of the unit’s removable parts are dishwasher-safe. The cooker estimates 9 by 9 by 10 inches, and is covered by a three-year guarantee. – – Ann Bieri