Reishunger Digital Rice Cooker and Steamer, Black, Timer – 8 Cups – Premium Inner Pot, Multi Cooker with 12 Programs & 7-Phase Technology for Brown Rice, Soups, Grains, Oatmeal & more – 1-8 People

  • Perfect rice at the touch OF A BUTTON A full rice taste using the digital rice cooker, with perfect consistency and nutritious cooking thanks to the cutting-edge seven-phase cooking technology.
  • MORE THAN JUST RICEThe best rice for each rice is through seven special rice cooking modes preparation. There are 12 distinct programmes: wholegrain, white, sushi rice congee, crispy, turbo corn, quinoa, soup, steam, bake function
  • Intuitive OPERATION and VERY Simple to Use – User-friendly operation is made easy by a menus and a well-lit modern, contemporary display. It has a useful timer as well as a keep warm feature for delicious rice whenever you need it
  • PREMIUM INNER POT AND NO BURNING – Premium inner pot with useful handles and a double, non-stick coating on ceramic. 3D heat distribution to ensure perfect and evenly steamed rice.
  • High-Performance Premium Rice Cooker Quality work / long lasting and easy-to-read LED display 50 fl oz of water for up to 8 people 860 W/120V measurements: 15.4 x 11.4 x 9.4 in. Weight: 11.13 lbs / incl. measuring spoon, cup steam insert, and detailed instructions
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