Elite Gourmet ERC-2020 Electric Rice Cooker with Stainless Steel Inner Pot Makes Soups, Stews, Grains, Cereals, Keep Warm Feature, 20 Cups Cooked (10 Cups Uncooked), White

  • COOK MOUTH-WATERING and Fleecy RICE Each and every TIME without burning through your time over the pot! The First class Food ERC-2020 expert rice cooker is here to assist you with concocting to 20 cups (10-cups uncooked) of your number one jasmine, basmati or earthy colored rice easily! Not any more trusting that the water will heat up, no really watching and it is cooked to figure if the rice! Our creative rice cooker will make your life simpler and cooking for your family 100 percent bother free!
  • Need Impeccably COOKED RICE? JUST SET IT and Fail to remember IT! Weary of half-cooked or overcooked rice? The Tip top Food proficient rice cooker will equally cook your rice and afterward consequently change to “Keep Warm” capability, which will ensure that your delectable rice is new and warm for quite a long time prior to serving! Remove all the mystery from cooking your sushi or dark rice and partake in your #1 Indian or Chinese recipes easily!
  • Covering FREE Tempered STEEL Inward POT! Not at all like shaky aluminum pots, our rice cooker includes a careful grade 304 tempered steel cooking pot, which is more strong and commonsense! Save your valuable time and exertion, since our tempered steel inward pot is super-simple to clean and can get through any maltreatment without even batting an eye! What’s more, the greatest aspect? You can eliminate it and serve your yummy rice directly from the cooker!
  • THE Comprehensive HOUSEWARMING GIFT Thought for an issue free cooking experience! The cool-contact side handles will forestall mishaps while the safety glass cover will permit you to mind your rice whenever! Besides, our rice cooker accompanies 2 Extra frill: a helpful estimating cup so you can quit speculating the perfect proportion of rice and an advantageous serving spatula! Ruin your rice-cherishing companions or family with the World class Food across the board rice cooker!
  • Additional Huge Limit concocts to 20 cups of cooked rice for the whole family and that’s just the beginning! This rice cooker holds up to 10 cups of crude rice and 20 cups of cooked rice – enough for different servings.

Note: Products with electrical plugs are designed for use in the US. Outlets and voltage differ internationally and this product may require an adapter or converter for use in your destination. Please check compatibility before purchasing.

This is the way you can cook soft and heavenly rice like an expert culinary specialist easily! do you like rice yet cooking it appears to be an exhausting and tedious cycle? would you like to ensure that your basmati rice is equally cooked and consistently prepared to serve? presently you don’t need to burn through your time remaining over a bubbling pot any longer because of the most imaginative and efficient rice cooker! addressing the World class Connoisseur ERC-2020 extreme Expert rice cooker! you don’t need to be an expert culinary specialist to dazzle your friends and family with the fluffiest, most delightful and impeccably cooked rice any longer! this efficient and simple to-utilize rice cooker will turn into your private business! why pick the Tip top Connoisseur rice cooker? save time by concocting to 20 Cups of rice – cooking huge amounts of rice can be interesting however you don’t need to stress any longer! our useful rice cooker can concoct to 20 Cups (10 Cups uncooked) of rice, enough for the entire family! treated steel inward pot will make your life more straightforward – the removable careful grade 304 hardened steel pot will ensure that your rice is equitably cooked and it is all around as basic as 1, 2, 3 to clean it! keep your rice warm and new for a really long time – the helpful “keep warm” capability will permit you to set up your Jasmine or Earthy colored rice ahead of time and serve it once the remainder of the dinner is prepared! ideal for a wide range of rice – whether you like impeccably cooked Jasmine rice, Earthy colored rice, Dark rice, basmati rice or Sushi rice, the ERC-2020 rice cooker will take care of business! furthermore, not only for rice – you can utilize our superior rice cooker to steam vegetables, meat, beans or quinoa and cook scrumptious feasts easily! don’t hold back! click “add to truck now and partake in your number one rice dishes more than ever!

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