CUCKOO CR-0375F | 3-Cup/0.75-Quart (Uncooked) Micom Rice Cooker | 10 Menu Options: Oatmeal, Brown Rice & More, Touch-Screen, Nonstick Inner Pot | White

  • Multi-Functional: Features a multi-functional multi-cook feature that lets you to cook everything from soups to porridge, and the other options on the menu like brown rice, white rice as well as oatmeal, quinoa multi-grain rice, scorched rice and much more!
  • KITCHEN TABLE: From simple meals to tasty sides, this 6-cup (cooked) capacity rice cooker is the perfect serving size for a couple or couples.
  • Easy to use: Quickly make meals with features such as easy-to-use digital controls and a contemporary LCD display, a rice measuring cup to ensure precise measurement and Fuzzy Technology that’s created to cook rice with perfection each time.
  • Premium Quality: With an non-toxic nonstick interior that is durable and an auto-clean feature which steam cleans the inside the cooker as well as an easily removable drainage tray for water. Cooking and cleaning are easy!
  • A BRAND WANTED: Worldwide recognized for its superior quality and more than 40 years of expertise, CUCKOO has perfected the art of cooking rice, and making products that are made with integrity
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