TOPWIT Rice Cooker Small, 2-Cups Uncooked, 1.2L Mini Rice Cooker with Non-stick Coating, BPA Free, Portable Rice Maker with One Touch & Keep Warm Function, Grey

  • 【Autonomous Internal Pot】 The one of a kind free plan of the inward pot makes your life more helpful. Subsequent to preparing the food, the inward pot can be taken out independently and utilized as a bowl. In the wake of getting a charge out of delightful food, you can wash it straightforwardly without washing an additional bowl. This is an unquestionable necessity for languid individuals!
  • 【Multi-use Rice Cooker】 The Topwit multi-use rice cooker can meet your everyday requirements. You can utilize it to cook white rice, earthy colored rice, cereal, porridge, vegetables, hot pots and soup.
  • 【Rice Creator 2-Cups Uncooked】 The little rice cooker can concoct to 2 cups of uncooked white rice, ideal for 1~3 individuals. Its minimal size (5.9*5.9*8 inch) is great for little spaces in your kitchen, residence, loft, or take on RV travel, and is likewise an apartment fundamental.
  • 【Simple to Operate】This little rice cooker has a straightforward a single tick rotating switch control board (WARM&COOK). Simply turn the button to one side and highlight “COOK” to sit tight for the delightful rice. After culmination, it will naturally change to the “WARM” capability, keeping the rice warm until you appreciate it.
  • 【Sound and Safe】 Food-grade non-leave inward pot with unrivaled strength. Materials that come into direct contact with food are liberated from BPA, PFAS, and PFOA, which are more secure to utilize. With a noticeable glass cover, fixings in the pot can be seen whenever, guaranteeing food quality and making cleaning more helpful.
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