Aroma Housewares Professional 12-Cups (Cooked) / 3Qt. 360° Induction Rice Cooker & Multicooker (ARC-7606B), Black, 12 Cup

  • NEW!! High level 360°Induction Warming Innovation incorporates double temperature sensors and intensity holding treated steel top that advances adjusted, in any event, warming and more proficient cooking
  • NEW!! Incorporates 2mm thick rock solid iron development for adjusted heat dissemination and maintenance, complete with a simple to-perfect and ultra sturdy nonstick covering
  • Impeccably gets ready 2 to 12 cups of any assortment of cooked rice or grains
  • Simple to-utilize, programmable advanced controls with programmed Warm mode and White Rice, Multigrain, Steam, Oats, Porridge, and Soup capabilities
  • 15-Hour Postpone Clock for adaptable feast arranging
  • Extraordinary for planning good morning meals, soups, stews, jambalaya, stew thus substantially more!
  • Adornments included: rice estimating cup, soup scoop, steam plate, serving spatula, and premium Duraroma nonstick inward pot

The AROMA® 12-Cups (Cooked) 360° Acceptance Rice Cooker and Multicooker is here to simplify dinnertime. This adaptable and simple to-utilize apparatus is furnished with our NEW!! High level 360° Enlistment Warming Innovation that incorporates double temperature sensors and an intensity holding hardened steel inward cover that advances adjusted, in any event, warming and more productive cooking. The 360° warming framework is ensured to rapidly cook rice and grains flawlessly as intensity totally encompasses the food instead of customary rice cookers with just base intensity yield. This cooker additionally accompanies our NEW!! Incorporates 2mm thick uncompromising iron development for adjusted heat appropriation and maintenance, complete with a simple to-perfect and ultra sturdy nonstick covering. With specific prearranged capabilities for White Rice, Multigrain, Steam, Oats, Porridge and Soup, you can make various feasts with only one machine. With the included steam plate, make one-pot dinners by steaming food varieties above while rice or grains cook underneath in the inward pot. In conclusion, the 15-hour Defer Clock considers adaptable dinner arranging and the comfort of having rice and grains prepared right when you want them with arrangement as long as 15 hours ahead of time.

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