Mini Rice Cooker 2.5 Cups Uncooked, Healthy Ceramic Coating Portable Rice Cooker, 1.2L Travel Rice Cooker Small for 1-3 People, Personal Rice maker, Food Steamer, Multi-cooker for Grains, Oats

  • 【Client Friendly】TLOG smaller than normal rice cooker is easy to use with a button control board and Drove pointer light. 12-hour postpone clock and naturally changes to keep warm for 10 hours is intended for adaptable feast arranging.
  • 【Reduced and Portable】This little rice cooker accompanies an agreeable handle and removable power string, which doesn’t occupy a lot of room and is helpful to haul around, reasonable for little kitchen, office, quarters, setting up camp, voyaging.
  • 【Safe and Healthy】 The overhauled internal pot is presently covered with Nano-fired non-stick material, liberated from PFAS, PFOA, lead, and cadmium for sound cooking and dishwasher wellbeing. The artistic non-stick covering additionally guarantees you won’t ever battle to scour away consumed rice and make cleanup easy. Also, the estimating cup and rice spoon are made of without bpa food-grade materials.
  • 【2.5-Cup Capacity】2.5 cups* uncooked limit yield up to 5 cups of cooked rice, ideal for little families, singles, couples – A perfect proportion of rice you really want and no more leftovers.(*Based on utilizing the 160ml estimating cup comes with)
  • 【Multifunctional Use】This scaled down rice producer could suit different dietary patterns, including rice, pasta, soup, earthy colored rice, oats, multi-grains. Additionally, it accompanies 304 tempered steel steam plate for veggies, fish, and poultry.
  • 【Bundle Included】This smaller size rice cooker included 1x earthenware non-stick inward pot, 1x 160ml rice estimating cup, 1x rice spoon, 1x steam plate, 1x Separable power line, 1x brace for the steam plate, 1x enemy of singe pull cup for cover.
  • 【100 percent SATISFACTION】Your fulfillment is our main concern. We offer a 30-day full discount and 1-year guarantee for every one of our items. If it’s not too much trouble, go ahead and reach us in the event that you definitely disapprove of the thing; we will sort out a quick answer for you in 24 hours!
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