TOSHIBA Rice Cooker Induction Heating, with Low Carb Rice Cooker Steamer 5.5 Cups Uncooked – Japanese Rice Cooker, 8 Cooking Functions, 24-Hr Timer and Auto Keep Warm, White

  • Multi-Capability – This enormous rice cooker has 8 cooking capabilities: Low Carb, Fast Rice, White Rice, Earthy colored Rice, Blended Grain, Quinoa, Steam and Cereal. It cooks different dishes including white rice, earthy colored rice, sushi rice, blended rice, quinoa, cereal, soup, stew, bean stew, sauté/stew, and slow cook. It additionally steams vegetables, fish, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Whether you’re a fledgling or a carefully prepared gourmet expert, this rice cooker with liner bin offers extraordinary flexibility
  • Low Sugar Rice Cooker – This Asian Rice Cooker is an extraordinary choice for individuals who are following a low-carb or keto diet. The LOW CARB setting can eliminate undesirable stomach related starch by up to 37% and increment solid safe starch by up to 34%. Note: LOW CARB capability likewise works for earthy colored rice and different grains
  • Fluffy Rationale Rice Cooker – This Toshiba rice cooker 10 cup Cooked highlights enlistment warming and fluffy rationale to guarantee exact cooking results. Acceptance warming warms the inward pot, while fluffy rationale innovation utilizes sensors to screen and change the temperature and cooking time in view of the fixings and cooking mode chose. This mix brings about impeccably cooked rice, soup, and different dishes with ideal flavor and surface
  • Simple To Clean – This white rice cooker’ is intended for simple consideration to deliver heavenly rice into the indefinite future. Internal cooking pot has a non-stick surface that makes cleaning a breeze. Pot isn’t dishwasher safe and ought to be washed with gentle cleanser and delicate fabric. Outside can be cleaned with a delicate clammy fabric. The steam valve situated on the highest point of the cover can be handily eliminated for cleaning. Steam vent cap is additionally removable for simple cleaning
  • Safe Issue Free Cooking – Separable power rope forestalls mishaps brought about by snare. Top secures solidly during cooking to forestall spills. Warm breaker forestalls overheating. Steam vent cap keeps hot steam from circumventing during cooking. Programmed shut-off switches off warming component while cooking is finished. Contrasted with other top of the line rice cookers, this Toshiba model is an extraordinary choice for those with a little spending plan who actually need a quality rice producer cooker
  • Guarantee FROM Toshiba – Toshiba will furnish 1 year producer guarantee along with your buy. Assuming you have any inquiries, kindly allude to client care data in the client manual.

Smart dieting has never been so natural! The computerized rice cooker gives you the solid and scrumptious rice that assists you with feeling full and lively longer without extra eating, accordingly brings easy weight control and sound day to day diet.

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