TOSHIBA Rice Cooker Small 3-Cup Uncooked– LCD Display with 8 Cooking Functions: Rice, Oatmeal, Mixed Grains and More, NonStick Inner Pot, Grey

  • Multi-Capability – This smaller than normal rice cooker highlights 8 programable cooking capabilities, including White Rice, Fast Cook, Earthy colored Rice, Blended Grain, Slow Cook, Porridge, Cake, and Egg. Offers extraordinary adaptability and comfort
  • Profoundly Adaptable – Ideal for families or people who need to cook various servings of rice, while as yet being adequately smaller to fit serenely on your kitchen counter. Counting earthy colored rice, jasmine rice, sushi rice, white rice, basmati rice, and wild rice, as well as grains can imagine oats, quinoa, blended grain, and that’s just the beginning.
  • Shrewd Rice Cooker – TOSHIBA rice cooker detects the dampness in the rice and changes the temperature and cooking time as needs be. Brings about impeccably cooked fleecy rice like clockwork. It likewise cooks different sorts of grains and dishes flawlessly by changing the cooking boundaries to the particular requirements of the food
  • Super thick Internal Pot – This little rice cooker includes a 3MM super thick inward pot which is more wear-safe, as well as injected with Binchotan carbon material to assist with concentrating heat during cooking, it is more cushioned to guarantee that the rice
  • Simple To Utilize Planned with natural control board includes an enormous LCD show for fast and easy programming. Keep Warm/Warm capability keeps your rice warm and tasty for a really long time, 2 Defer Clocks permits you to plan your concocting to 24 hours ahead of time. Extras included: estimating cup, spatula, and soup scoop

Rice Cooker Little 3-Cup Uncooked-LCD Show with 8 Cooking Capabilities: Rice, Cereal, Blended Grains and then some, NonStick Internal Pot, Dark

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