Bear Rice Cooker 8 Cups Cooked, Rice Cooker Small with 6 Cooking Functions, Advanced Fuzzy Logic Micom Technology, 24 Hours Preset Keep Warm, Non-Stick Inner Pot, 2L Green

  • Small Rice Cooker: Cooks for 1-4 persons with six cooking functions that cook brown rice, white porridge, rice cake, soup and then heat.It’s an excellent option to replace your stove and instant rice cooker or an classic rice cooker.
  • A PERFECT RICE EACH TIME Based on fuzzy logic technology, it has a has a built-in microcomputer which can detect the way your rice is cooking and adjust the cooking time and temperature precisely. It cooks perfect white rice sushi rice, brown rice.
  • DELAY TIMER It is equipped with a programmable timer that can be set for 24 hours and a keep warm function. Great for families that are constantly on the move serving hot and ready-to-eat meals.
  • Easy to use Easy to use: The bright LED-guided touchscreen guide you through the process of cooking. Measurement marks that are clear allow you to easily find the ideal quantity of water, and the alarm tone informs you that the rice is cooked. With the handy handle it is easy to carry the rice cooker off instead of securing its heavy body.
  • Cleanliness is easy The accessories are dishwasher safe. With a nonstick inner pot as well as a removable lids for the inner and outer Cleaning is a breeze!
  • HEALTHIER and SAFER Safer and healthier: All surfaces that come in contact with food products is made with no BPA, PFOA, or PFAS. We offer an unconditional refund after 30 days of purchase, and a 3-year warranty after-sales, 24 hour customer service, and a lifetime technical assistance. Buy the product with complete confidence!
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