Smart Mini Rice Cooker, 2024 Upgrade Multifunctional Electric Mimi Cooker 6 in 1 Non-Stick Clay Wok With Lid Mini Hot Pot Electric Mini Rice Cooker All-in-One Portable Mini Rice Cooker

  • 【Electric Strain Cooker – Quick and Safe Cooking】The small electric cooker utilizes 360° round implanted warming component innovation to warm food uniformly and get done with warming quicker than normal pots. This smaller than expected slow cooker has a security insurance capability that naturally removes the power when there is a dry consume or overheating condition to guarantee the wellbeing of the cookware.
  • 【Electric Hot Pot – Non-stick Smaller than usual Rice Cooker】The scaled down hot pot non-stick covering won’t cause mush or staying, which is agreeable to fledgling cooks. You can without much of a stretch and immediately clean the electric strain cooker after use. Whether it’s an end of the week, occasion, or night gathering with companions, our electric cooker is there to make supper time charming.
  • 【Smaller than usual Rice Cooker – Adaptable and Convenient】Explore the universe of culinary conceivable outcomes with our 1.8L little pot electric cooker. Eating alone additionally can be complex and loaded with flavor! This cooker fills in as a ramen cooker, noodle cooker, and little pot liner, making it ideal for quarters, lofts, workplaces, lodgings, and other little spaces without a kitchen. Its smaller size takes into consideration simple conveying and stockpiling.
  • 【Rice Cooker Little – Multi-Practical Cooking】Let our Smaller than expected Cooker deal with your three dinners per day. Scaled down rice cooker is little yet able and can satisfy every one of your requirements for three feasts. With this rice cooker, you can have sweet and delicate rice whenever you are occupied. Soup, porridge, rice, hot pot, it is great at everything above. A little cooker can undoubtedly catch your stomach.
  • 【Multifunctional Electric Pot – Wide Use】Mini simmering pot with its multi-capability cooking capability, hot pot electric can be utilized as a sauté container, stock pot and skillet. Electric cooker ideal for steaks, eggs, seared rice, noodles, cereal and Soups! Get ready ordinary eating routine dishes in only one pot.

2024 New Multifunctional Electric Mimi Cooker – It is multi-functional for cooking and can be used as a wok, quick cooker and steamer, perfect for steaks, eggs, fried rice, noodles, oatmeal and soups! Makes small meals and reheats leftovers. One pot is all you need to cook your daily diet dishes.


Body Material: ABS
Rated power: 350W
Rated voltage: 220v/110v
Inner Liner Material: Stainless Steel
Function: Timing, Reservation, Cooking, Soup, Stir-Frying

Package Includes:

1 * Multifunctional Electric Mimi Cooker/Mini Crock Pot/Smart Mini Rice Cooker,

Multi-Function – 6 in 1 Mode:

Cooking rice
Make soup
Cooking Noodles
Hot pot

Warm Tips:

– To Ensure the Safety and Normal Operations, Please Make Sure That the Cord Is Fully Inserted While You’re Cooking.

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